The Thiess RWE Joint Venture was established in 2013 to meet the growing need for low-cost, sustainable mining solutions. The joint venture will leverage its assets and capability to deliver seamless, best-for-project services around the world.


Thiess is one of Australia’s leading construction, mining and services contractors. With 70 years’ mining experience, Thiess has a proven capability of integrating delivery of large-scale mine development projects and contract mining services.

Thiess has international experience in mine planning and truck and excavator, dragline and dozer push contract mining operations.


RWE is one of Europe’s leading power generators and lignite miners. As an international asset developer, owner and operator, RWE understands mining technology and production including continuous mining engineering.

RWE provides unparalleled continuous mining technical and operational experience and works independently from equipment suppliers to deliver best-for-mine solutions.

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